Saturday, 20 February 2016


Hello there!
So, I'm back again with nothing worth to read~ For the past few months, I've encountered many things that slowly changed a part of my life. Something that never fail to hang a smile on my face. sobs.. sobs (I can't hold it anymore!) I've LOST MY PHOTOSHOP!! The same goes to the other several files like my coded layout, sai, id andddd illustrator. I wasted so much time downloading all those things only to be deleted. At first, I tried to retrieve all the files back but when my brother told he replaced my hard disk with a new one. I lost my words. I just can't believe it. I've to start all over again from scratch. I need to settle a few things at aff as I worked as one of the designers at this graphic shop called Cypher Graphic. Also, I've to cancel some illustrator requests by missFai (please check out her awesome blog!). To add with that, I'm also busy with my hella hectic school life. So many notes, a ton of workloads and super awkward social life to handle (if this is counted xD). That's it. For those who visited and left messages on my cbox, I'm sorry for the late replies.